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Stressed City staff become lunch break guitar heroes - 03 January 2014

London Evening Standard
By Kiran Randhawa

Cityworkers are taking music lessons in their lunch breaks to split up their long days. Bankers and finance workers are the main clients of a guitar school which is becoming increasingly popular with the City crowd. Due to high demand, Guitar Cities has introduced half-hour lessons in the middle of the day.

The company, whose clients include Pixie Lott and Matt Henry from The Voice, also has branches in the financial districts of Chicago, New York and San Francisco. Founder James Lenger, 37, opened the Houndsditch-based school in 2011 and estimates he has taught nearly 1,000 students since. He said: "Around 80 per cent of our clients are City workers. Many just want a quick break from their typical 15-hour days, when they can completely switch off and use their brains in a different way. "It's the best kind of escapism, because you're also learning a new skill, and having fun as you learn."

The company plans to open a Canary Wharf school next year.

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