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Take Lessons Anywhere in the World!

Do you live in Tokyo and want to take lessons with one of our New York instructors in the Blues? Live in the United States and want to take lessons in Post Brit-Pop music from one of our instructors in London? The Guitar Cities Anywhere program allows you to have a one-on-one, private lesson with any of our international team of instructors, anywhere in the world!

Elite Instruction from the Guitar Cities Instructors

You will be taught by our team of instructors. We don't contract out to outside companies, so you are going to get one of our experienced instructors of your choosing, all of which have been hired out of the top 3% of instructors we auditioned. Lessons are given one-on-one in real time via Skype, lesson materials are sent during your lessons, and we also will provide you with an additional page to download lesson material. You will be tutored privately, so lessons will be catered to your goals! To enhance your learning experience, we offer a download database of materials used by our instructors, so you can also practice with these "jam tracks" during your lesson and following your lesson! our instructors also use Spotify as a learning tool to practice with a large library of modern songs, though its use is optional.

Proven Teaching Methods

The Guitar Cities instructors have been recognized for their superior teaching ability. You will be learning from a knowledgeable, yet personable and fun, instructor, so your learning experience will be the best you can receive!
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Get Started

To get started with our Anywhere lessons, you will need: Prior to your lesson, we will send you directions on setting up your Skype account, making your start-up simple!


To schedule your lesson, just click on our instuctor page, click the link to their schedule, and click on a time that works for you! Please note that the times listed are the local times where that teacher instructs. You may also schedule your lesson by using the contact form below.


If you would like to contact us with any questions/scheduling concerns, please send us an email at


Payments are based on the city of your instructor. Please indicate in the comments section if you would like to use your payment for a gift certificate.

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