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Welcome to Guitar Cities!

We provide professional music instruction around the United States and Europe. Our studios are located in major financial districts, so accessibility to our facilities is easy! Our instructors have been selected out of the top 3% of applicants, so we pride ourselves in teachers that are extraordinary musicians, but also great communicators and instructors. We aim to provide our students with music instruction that caters to their styles and goals, and we can build a foundation to expand their knowledge of the instrument. If you are a beginner that has never touched an instrument, or if you are an experienced player that wants to fine-tune your playing, our instructors will be able to work with you!

Find a lesson time that works with your schedule

We can provide the instruments for you at our studios, you just have to walk over to your lesson. Instruction is given from 8am to 9pm daily in most locations, so we can find a time that works for you, just check out our online schedule in the city you would like to take your lessons, click on the time, and we can get you going!

No registration fee to start

We don't charge a registration fee at any of our locations, and payment can be made online for your lessons, so getting started is easy!

Now offering lessons in NW Connecticut!

Guitar Cites founder, James Lenger, is now offering lessons in the newest Guitar Cities school, Sharp and Flat. He will be limiting the number of students to 20. Lessons are $35 per week, pre-paid monthly for the number of lessons in that month (though 6-month and year-long tuition is available at a discounted rate). Times are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Lessons are offered on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, please contact us to reserve a time! To sign up and/or find out more, click here:

James Lenger - Sharp and Flat - NW Connecticut

Guitar Cities Anywhere Lessons

Want to take lessons from home or office?

All of our instructors are also available for instruction via Skype! Even if you are not in a city where we provide lessons, you may still take lessons from one of our instructors. Do you live in Iowa and want to learn from a Guitar Cities instructor in London? Just contact us and we can set that up!

Guitar Cities Air Guitar Program

Guitar Cities introduces their Air Guitar program! The Air Guitar program is an all-inclusive holiday with your guitar. Travel all over the world with your guitar; receive instruction from the professional Guitar Cites tutors and learn to play with other musicians of all ages and levels! No matter if you have just picked up the guitar or if you have played for years, the Air Guitar program will help you develop vital skills on the guitar or bass, and all in amazing locations.
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